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"Your greatest weapons are your voice, your mind, and your heart. So use that and use the person that you are and the person that you become, to help others and change the world." - Jay Wong

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Hi, my name is Jay Wong. I am currently a student physician, an entrepreneur, a published author and writer, and a writing/storytelling coach and consultant.  I graduated from Yale University, and have graduated from 2 academic fellowships, one with Harvard and the other with Stanford.

My roots are in Fujian, China. I was born and raised on Long Island, in New York. Personal identities include: LGBTQIAP+, first-generation, low SES, Asian-American. 

Advocate, vanguard, and proponent of gay/MSM civil liberties, sex-positivity, kink/fetish normalization, beauty in all shapes and sizes and colors, disability rights, mental health reform, decriminalization of drug use, prison-industrial complex abolition, democratic capitalism with a moral conscience (wealth redistribution), termination of international warfare.

This site is to share my thoughts, showcase my personal work, and welcome others into my life and my world. I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

Above all, never stop talking about the things that matter or fighting for the changes that mean the most to you.


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

- Marianne Williamson



"Communication Leads to Education Leads to Understanding Leads to Change." - Jay Wong

Published Author and Contributing Writer for KevinMD since 2020. My profile and all of my Op-Eds can be found here:



Making the Impossible Possible

"One of the things I have always loved about magic is its ability to connect with literally anyone, give them hope and happiness, and alter their perception of an imperfect reality. Magic not only heals but also inspires, and teaches anyone and everyone that no matter who you are, things that seem impossible, are in fact, possible." - Jay Wong

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My Manifesto for Our Future

I wish to lead a revolution (and perhaps with this post, it can be the beginning of one), by proposing a new societal world order: Democratic Humanitarianism. It is not capitalism, it is not communism, it is not socialism, even. It is not any "-ism" that has previously been established before on a universal world stage.

The essence of this paradigm shift is to establish a fundamental political, economic, social, cultural, and spiritual conceptual framework whose epicenter is a moral, ethical conscience that puts the amelioration of collective human suffering at the forefront of our lives, whose absence is inextricably linked to every single malignancy that has ever afflicted our world, whether it is internecine warfare, egregious public/foreign policy, abysmal healthcare, atrocious human welfare dispensation, etc. 

Democratic Humanitarianism seeks to awaken and elevate humankind's collective consciousness by reorienting our psychological compass, and declares that the ultimate form of individual and humanity's self-actualization is operationalized both quantitatively and qualitatively by the degree to which we are able to put the suffering of others before ourselves and enrich our own lives by the degree to which we are able to give quality life away to others. 

Finally, Democratic Humanitarianism aims to sequester and suppress nefarious propensities that humans are capable of (e.g. financial avarice, selfishness, corruption, mendacity, etc.) that are often only evinced and manifested simply because we have provided an unscrupulous, iniquitous societal environment that is conducive to the festering of those ignoble human qualities.

Instead, Democratic Humanitarianism hinges upon the elicitation from each individual and from humankind virtuous, noble elements that equally come naturally to all of us as part of the human condition if we provide the societal conscience and principled infrastructure to allow them to--a desire to love, a desire to have purpose, a desire to be part of something greater than ourselves, a desire to care for someone other than ourselves, a desire to understand the plight of others, a desire to lift others up, a desire to build identity and forge positive meaning in our lifetimes, a desire to be fulfilled in what we do, a desire to create and put forth something into this world that manifests as the good we wish others to remember us by. 

Like a tiny butterfly, flapping its inaudible wings, I hope that eventually my tiny voice and this message will carry the sound of sirens, thundering across every horizon in the world, traversing the boundaries of our time, and enter into every community, village, and home to completely and irreversibly transform what many may see as a chimerical pipe dream, but to me, the gateway, the only way, for us to move forward into a better, more glorious future with the incredible people we have been blessed to share this world with.

Join me in leading this revolution. And together, we will change the world.

Jay Wong




The exquisite imagery of life

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Just some photographs that have meaning and sentimental value to me

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